In SARN’s work groups, association members can introduce their own themes, reflect on the situation of artistic research and organize events with SARN’s support and ‘brand’. The status of the groups’ work will be presented to all members at the association’s General Assembly in spring 2019. Members can now participate in the following work groups: To join, please contact the person(s) responsible for the group.

Work Groups

Sense of Forest


Franziska Lauber






Meeting details are arranged within the group and vary from meeting to meeting.


Asthildur Jonsdottir, Lisa Lee Benjamin, Eric Maeder

Sense of Forest - On the possibility of perception as an artistic research method in the eco- and energetic system FOREST.

What is the forest and what do we call a forest? The work group concentrates on commercial forests in Switzerland, on trees as living creatures and on forest ecosystems in different locations where we establish the forest. The forest as compared to our human physicality and temporality; the forest as place of labor and recreation.



Markus Schwander, Petra Koehle, Erin Mallon


To be defined by group members


Meetings approx. every 2 months

SARN sends a monthly newsletter to its members with event tips, publication recommendations and job offers. The work group NewsLibrary collects information for the newsletter, organizes and archives it and serves as its editorial staff.
The group defines editorial processes and determines the content of the newsletter. These contents are provided for discussion in public and/or internal association events. Since 2020, the work group publishes a monthly series of #microreviews, in which guests from the artistic research landscape review a publication of their choosing in approx. 1000 characters.

Pièce de Résistance - Practice-based PhD in Switzerland.

The aim of the working group is twofold: first, the development and implementation of a graduate school for practice-based PhD candidates in the realm of visual cultural practices (detailed orientation to be specified); secondly, an analysis of this implementation by focusing on the structural obstacles and challenges for individual candidates which arise in the process.

Methods & Practices


Flavia Caviezel, Priska Gisler, Christian Ritter


To be determined by groups members


There are scheduled four to five meetings a year


Michaela Büsse

Judith Dobler

Bernhard Garnicnig

Konstantin Mitrokhov

The work group concentrates on the identification and exploration of artistic research methods at the intersection of the arts with cultural and social sciences.

The SARN TABLE series represents a ‘Stammtisch'-like frame for exchange about meanings, methods and contents of research in the arts. Both members and those interested in learning more about SARN are welcome to join the meetings, which are hosted in connection with public events that relate to artistic research (e.g. exhibitions or other formats). In keeping with the nature of a Stammtisch, space will be
given to conversations about everybody’s work as well as to the questions participants bring with them.